The title “The foreigner” comes from my feelings of my first year as an architect and artist in Beijing. I have always “labeled” myself as an architect and designer but through a chance encounter with Affordable Art Beijing and thanks to the wonderful organization of their show I was able to sell one of my paintings. I have painted most of my life but never thought about commercializing my art. I mostly paint because of geometry manipulation and form study analysis related to my interior, furniture and architectural work and with this in mind, I wish to convey a sense of an architect’s perspective in conceiving a painting through his alienation within the Beijing artistic circle.

Since I am from an architectural rather than an artistic background, I wanted to indulge into a painting that blurs slightly into the threshold of sculpture as we are prone to work in a 3 dimensional perspective. Ever since I was a student in England I have always been taught by a movement called “Deconstructivism”. This is a philosophy that manipulates geometry and departs from the traditional modernistic approach of form follows function and symmetrical aesthetic. The deconstructivist celebrates form as a decorative component in the architectural language and utilize non-linear approach in conceiving any kind of design. With this in mind I started the quest of constructing a painting that not only deconstruct its content, but as well deconstructing its surroundings. Many of the colors and texture found in this collection are of things I see and feel in Beijing. Flowers blossoming in spring, the heavy snow that made me slip and fall many times, the dust and dirty I step on, the blue sky I smile upon, the sadness or happiness I feel through this year; all of them are express within these 5 paintings through very abstracted patterns that perhaps only I can fully comprehend but I also wish any onlooker can interpret it in his/her own personal way. I believe art has to mean a variety of things to different people and the beauty of any creation is the multitude of interpretation that beholds its physical form; and us artist are merely a vessel for this realization.

The lines within the painting represents my struggle in finding the focus on my life, not just this year in Beijing, but as a general theme of contradiction and convolution after my existence of 35 years. The shape of the paintings is my final layer of deconstructivism and perhaps the most profound. All 5 paintings are of very different form and they can be connected, split up, tilted, elongate in any way the viewer pleases. The viewer is asked in this instant to continue the role of the artist and not merely the spectator. It is a painting that blurs slightly into sculpture and performance art. The lines on these paintings can be joined or disjointed as I believe although they represent my path of life, it can also be yours and I am certain we are so different in our perspective and fate. The room for these pieces will be deconstructed once they are placed and the role of the artist is passed onto you. I hope these pieces can question your life as well as enrich yours with mine and we can both attain a foreign perspective on each other.

Size: L 380cm x H 190cm (when combined in elongated version)

Medium: Acrylic on Laser Cut Canvas

2017 COC-design
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