I am sure in a 100 years’ time we will be remembered as the plastic civilization. Since the invention of this culprit in the early 20th century we have been wasting, discarding and polluting our environment with this low cost and readily available material. Taking one of the earliest architectural form of civilization, the ARCH, we wanted to propose a building that reminds us of our plastic wastage as well as provide a unique function on cleaning the environment. We propose a building that is compose of 100% recycled plastic with photocatalytic environment cleansing ability. Made of recycle plastic building blocks doped with Tungsten Trioxide environment cleansing treatment; plastic ARCHitecture is not tied down by functionality but an enclosure that reduce plastic wastage as well as detoxified the environment of bacteria, viruses, odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C) such as Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide emitted from vehicles and construction sites. Because of the inherent porous quality of recycle plastic blocks the photocatalysis process works much more effectively then usual concrete surface and only need any light source and moving air to activate the process. We need to be alert with all our action in wastage as well as give back to our environment and therefore the Recycle and Biophilia quality of plastic ARCHitecture will help us be a more conscientious civilization with our planet.

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