The F.A.R.M (Futuristic Agricultural Regeneration Management) is a luxury service apartment and organic health clinic concept devised by K ltd design lab and my client. The idea is to promote and support farming community in the Guilin Provence of China in order to maintain and sustain traditional agricultural practices and also promote the benefit of organic products to Chinese people. This mixed used building serves as a high end living concept which is also sustainable in renewable energy and resources. All food supply is grown by exclusive farmland within the complex and is completely organic. There will also be living quarters for farmers who will produce crops for the apartment guest’s consumption. This merging of exclusive clientele with local framers allows maximum understanding on the diversity of Guilin farming practices to visitors which will hopefully induce financial support not just for farmers/handicraft practitioners that work for the apartment, but also along this region of china. Farmers can promote and interact with guest on their chosen production crop as well as farming technique while sustainable organic agriculture can be promoted in the vicinity since mass production management does not apply here. The site for the complex has not been finalized but it will be next to the Li River and phased my mountainous landscape. The dwelling’s design is inspired by many traditional Chinese elements that constitute luck towards a very superstitious society. The elongated placement of solar panels on the bridge are inspired by a dragon(a Chinese symbol for luck, majesty and prosperity) while the tower’s floor plates are based on lotus leaf structure (again a symbol of peace and longevity in china). The building itself maximize on renewable energy source where wind channels, solar cell panels, rain water regeneration cycle and locally available materials are utilize upon the whole design. Most of the cladding and surface of the building are weaved with locally available bamboo fibers. The technique itself is a traditional handicraft practice but now adapted in a much larger scale for this project. Sustainability is the key to the whole existence of the building and the project enables the unique merging of farmers and guest, which is a first in the world of luxury living. Sustainable buildings are a relatively new concept in china as well as organic product knowledge so hopefully this concept will bring more influential political aid to the understanding of Guilin farm culture where farmers can benefit from a healthy crop supplication management; without the constant pressure of over-farming soil erosion issues that predominantly exist in china’s hugely commercial agricultural market.

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