COC is amulti-disciplinary and multi-award winning environmental design firm thattackles Architecture, Interior, Product designs as well as CustomizedArtwork and Art Installations Projects. Started 2012 in Hong Kong by founderand director Kevin Chu, COC has always strive for highly original and creativesolutions to any design project. Our believe is to push boundaries for any designs and always undertake a diverse range of projects to hone our design skills. Withclients as diverse as Siemens, Sunbrella, Alessi, Luca Boffi, Boffi Cucine,Ideat Magazine, Hermes, Sony to name a few we are always open to any projectcollaboration as we believe true creativity needs cross pollination in allartistic fields. By basing in Italy and Hong Kong this gives us a strategicglobal manufacturing/networking advantages and we hope you enjoy looking at our projects andwe look forward to your response!


We are one of the few design firms that solely focuses on contemporary environmental designs. All of us are true environmentalist and we are passionate on reducing the damages on planet Earth. We work with design revolutionaries in Europe and Asia to come up with some of the most ground breaking ideas and we are constantly striving to push what "preconceived design boundary" a tad further. 

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