We all want to be god somewhere down our lives. Some days we feel we are invincible when we contract the luck virus! Some days we feel stronger and assume we can beat everyone in physicality. Some days we have ideas that seem to be the perfect solution for global problems. It is this aura of invincibility, superiority, intelligence and overt achievement that this sculpture was inspired by. Throughout human history the representation of a supreme being, in whichever culture, had always been illustrated with a glowing halo or aurora around his head or body. It seems to define an illuminated presence different to all mere mortals around them. Now with Halo you can have this aura too, briefly!

A floor structure with an array of circular grooves are located in a grid like pattern. Within each groove is a high luminosity LED light tube that provides vertical illumination. Around the exhibition room will be smoke machines that generate a mist like presence in the enclosure. When the visitor steps onto the floor plate, pressure sensors will light the appropriate circle. This is where the functionality of the mist comes in as the light source from the circular groove structure will illuminate the surrounding area, causing the smoke to absorb light and create a tubular light column. As the visitor walks forward, the light column will follow them around the grid. With this you can ask your mates to take all sorts of Instagrams capturing your moment of “illuminated transcendence”! You can even dance on the floor panel and do a spiritual disco for others to watch in awe or degradation! Halo is an interactive sculpture that makes you the center of the universe and for all the audience watching you are truly a being from another world!!!

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