We believe Architectural 3D printing is the future as it much more environmentally friendly, lower labour cost, less fatal injuries involved and projects can be completed in a much shorter duration. It also allows designers more flexibilities to explore unique designs and this is why we suggested to our clients to complete their hotel entirely in 3D. We suggest to be the world first entirely 3D printed community which we can complete the project in 6 months. Located in the beautiful Palawan Islands of the Philippines we want to break the mold of what a "typical" tropical resort will look like. Inspired the geometry of the Nautilus shall it will be a hotel that promotes hollistic living with self sufficient plant based cuisine, sustainability fun centers and even recycling workshop. Every single tree on the site we removed during construction phases will either be relocated or recycled for interior furnitures. Lets have a vacation that is worthy of our planet.

2017 COC-design
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