China obsession with taking selfie is amongst the highest in the world. Chinese loves so much to take pictures, especially with the selfie stick, we want to use this as a way to promote the design as well as Siemens products. Incidentally the selfie stick was also invented in China. We want to make a design drawing an abundance of visitors into the booth and all taking pictures. We also want to make it easier for vistors to do selfies without the selfie stick. What we mean is anyone can do selfies without getting the stick out and post on WeChat instantaneously. We are sure that if the publicity is generated, WeChat will become the de facto platform in which this design will create enormous marketing. The design should also be posted on WeChat as an ART Installation rather then an exhibition booth as this will add sophistication and creativity to the related brand. Here at COC design we LOVE the movie INCEPTION directed by Nicholas Nolan in 2010 and starring Leonardo Di Caprio. The movie explore the concept of “Dreams as reality and how we can navigate between different stages of reality and what physicality means”. Without delving too deep into the movie what also inspires us most is when Cities are folded onto each other and creating a complete disorientation of “what is real or not” and how gravity can be manipulated. We want to bring this to the design as a way to communicating the concept of the ”Movable City” idea proposed by IDEAT. We also want to make the design disorientate the scale of the visitors. We want the vistor to feel like a “Giant” on the city and Siemens products are integrated as “Giant” everyday objects in this city. Basically we want to create a completely “Unique” exhibition booth not obvious at just product placement or advertising. In some ways we want the visitor to enter into the design and feel like they are “In a Dream”. This is why we call our new design: F O L D I N G M E T R O P O L I S or simply FOLDOPOLIS.

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