Plankton are organisms include drifting animals, plants or bacteria that inhabit the pelagic zone of oceans, seas, or bodies of fresh water. They are minute in size and no larger than 2mm each. In complete darkness they can emit bioluminescence and are a vital food source for many underwater animal species; one being the jelly fish. My idea was to design a lamp mimicking the general structure of plankton but reuse the same design in different scale to introduce additional functionality. Looking at the main predator of the plankton, the jellyfish, it is an animal that vary in size immensely from species that are no bigger than a coin to some that can reach more than 30m in length. Most furniture utilize one scale to accommodate their primary functionality but few have question the notion that if the exact same design is scaled up or down, what can we do more with its usage.

In the case of the Plankton Lamp it can be a small table lamp of around 350mm in height or it can become a seating system at 1200mm in height as well as a freestanding lamp. The actual design and functionality of both are exactly the same but the size change completely distorts their usage. It is a variance in product designs that are rarely explored and the Plankton Lamp questions the perception of a user on what is macro and micro scale!!! Imagine we look through a microscope and observer bacteria and once we turn around the bacteria has become 4m tall behind us! what a shock this can bring to our lives; just like the famous story of Alice in Wonderland!!

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