Fame and greed goes hand in hand and the human hand says it all. This interactive installation explores the dynamics of the hand gesture and its meaning to our society. When the back of the hand is skywards, it shows a sign of worship, but turn the same gesture ground wards and it means begging. Within the installation's room there are 2 mirrors on either end of the corridor and 100 mechanized hand will rotate through motion sensors. When a visitors pass through each section the hands will rotate from worship position to begging position and either end of the mirrors reflects an infinite corridor of this path in life. The hardest thing for a human is to WANT just enough and never has the human race been successful at this. Be it love, money, fame, materialism. This sculpture wants to remind all of us that there is never an end to greed but only when one can attain control of satisfaction, perhaps in the most mundane elements of life, can one really lead a content existence.

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