Time is not a two dimension indication that we see on clocks and watches. It is the fourth dimension in physics and represents the third dimension in the evolution of life on earth. We as human, seems to fear time as much as we are obsessed by it and we live our day counting the seconds.

I want to slow down your time. I want you to look at time indication in a new light. I want you to be less concern with the minutes and the seconds but judge the act of time telling as an art form.

In the birth of any human we instantly begin to move through the inevitable end of the life tunnel. This journey is guided by experience, fate and circumstances and we are also restricted by time. I want to design a clock that shows this tunnel of life as wells as introduce the observer of how time is a 3 dimensional entity.

Using a centre structure carved with 12 LED(light emitting diode) embedded grooves, a one way mercury mirror is clad over on both front and back. Each of these grooves represents an hour and as night falls, they will illuminate one by one. This process is in reversed during the daytime and what this entails is that when it is midday, the device will seem to be a simple mirror with a hole in the middle, very 2 dimensional in aesthetic. As night falls and natural light frails, the illuminated hour grooves will consecutively light up until midnight when the entire structure is covered in a very 3 dimensional illuminated pattern. This duality of flatness and volumetric play are in stark contrast with our natural conception of time indication: where daytime is illuminated and night time is represented in darkness.

I want the user to understand time indication is merely a pre-conceived rule by the human society and it does not have to be static as most believed. I want the user to observe time and not be intimidated by its speed and finally I want the user to embrace the journey of life and not be too concern with its obsession of time.

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