Inspired by my wife’s curly hair, the Giulia shelf offers a storage solution few other contemporary furniture does, be as messy and disorganize as you want and the design shall come alive! Constructed out of 2mm thick high polish stainless steel ellipses with internal lamination of artificial turf, these are in turn welded together to form a structurally and aesthetically confusing piece. Because of its uneven curvilinear composition, objects have to be places and stack in a non-organized way. The mirror finish of the shelf is also design to accentuate geometrical confusion through the act of reflection and the artificial turf act as a non-slip surface to any stored objects. Most shelves force the user to contemplate and participate in organization but I want the user to just let go with the obsession of being organized and neat. Embrace chaos and one will understand inner tranquility. This is the ideology of the shelf which also makes for great excuse to tell your spouse that you are not a messy person, but the shelf commands you to be!  

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