ShuFa means The Art of Chinese Calligraphy and wanted to create a design that is highly sculptural yet functional at the same time.We spent extensive amount of time deciding on a concept that has to originate from our root. Most contemporary design, although highly creative, lacks a sense of cultural identity in its execution and we want to bring that back to modernism. Ronda Design specifically ask us to come up with something highly unique and we believe Chinese calligraphy is one of the most beautiful geometrical form. All nations' language symbolism is based on lines and shapes and we also wanted the design to be deconstructable as means of relating it to the rest of the globe. We then went through huge brainstorming on which Chinese character we can choose as it has to be auspicious to us as well as everyone else. The character has also got to be quite complex in composition as this will allow for vastly greater combinations once deconstructed. We believe our design is exotic to people who does not understand the meaning but very lucky for us who can read the character. We also believe Longevity is a wish that all humans strive for.

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