On Oct 1st 2020 for 1 month only, SUGO (www.iamsugo.com) will reveal the world first Corona Virus | Bacteria | Pollution Elimination Lighting Sculpture in Hong Kong, Discovery Bay on Lantau Island. The installation will be featured in JEEUM Gallery ( http://jeeumgallery.com/) at:Discovery Bay North Plaza LG-01, Office Block One, DB North Plaza, 92 Siena Avenue.This is a true game change in the world of art and design as apart from the aesthetic and functional value of the creation, it is also actively improving you and the environment on the planet.On Oct 1st for 4 days only, Kevin Chu, founder and creator of the installation will be on location to explain his 4 year long journey to this creation and conduct an amazing live demo on how it can cleanse the environment, FOREVER. I will also unveil for the first time a new creation to be released at the end of this year: METROPOLIS! The installation uses some of the world's most sustainable technology and is a collaboration with EICO (https://eico.hk/) and BLGLAB (https://www.blglab.com/) on the world most advance photocatalytic environment cleansing technology. Please come and see the next evolution in art and lighting design and be part of the revolution in sustainability!

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