In my opinion us architects, designers and builders are one of the worse pollutants of the environment.

Whatever projects we undertake be it small or large we always have to drain or destroy huge amounts of natural resources in order to realize physically our undertakings. In our industry this physical act is regretably unchangable but we can lessen the damages by being more responsible and intelligent on how we design and more selective on ecological materials.

I am an activist on making our industry more green and i believe we also have a role as education mediator on how this can be done.

Thus exist our first interior experiment to an era of better green living, the Environmentally Conscious hOme 1 (E.C.O 1) Project.

In the world of luxury lifestyle most people still live in the stone age of striving to attain natural SOLID materials to make themselves feel like Kings and Queens within their own dwellings/palaces. What i mean is that most people are still envious to obtain chunks of solid wood, lumps of solid marble/granite or chrome plate everything to give a certain showing-off SHEEN to their homes. (especially over here in China/Hong Kong Market). I believe the term luxury is not to own such precious natural resources but actually to preserve the beauty of our environment so all of us and our forecoming generations can enjoy and sustain its existence. It is pretty pointless living in a luxury villa when you walk out and we are surrounded by smog while most vegetation/lifeforms has become extinct. We can already see examples like this in many cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Delhi, Dubai etc etc.

The building technology industry has advanced so much in the past 100 years that we can mimic natural material so well that most experts can’t even differentiate the fake from the real just by the aspect of observation and feeling. Most of the time it is in our mind that convinces us to ‘own’ these solid materials and ‘Feel’ more secure and confident with our monetray possessional gain.

We also brainstorm profusely to create one of the first Private Non-Commercial Organic Farming Roof Top design in Hong Kong as we are mostly vegetarian and we believe since there is such a mistrust on what we can purchase in the commercial agricultural market we design a relatively easy system to grow 60%-70% of our daily food intake. This project has taken over 1 and half years to complete as we had to choose all our material very carefully and many of the design elements are created on site and never been seen before in the Hong Kong design industry but we hope this will lead to a small movement, at least in Hong Kong, on how people will alter the preconceived viewpoint on the term of luxury and adopt some of our ideas into making a greener environment. We all live on planet earth in borrowed time and it is our duty to keep our globe sustainable and rotating for generations to come. Please look at the following pictoral diagrams to understand fully on how the interior and roof top design maximize the environmental theme!

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