The moment we knew we have to design for Daikin; an expert in Air manipulation; we wanted to think about the idea of AIR. Most exhibition booth, no matter how inventive its aesthetic is, seems to alienate its formal design with the company product it’s featuring. We live in an age of instantaneous gratification and our attention span is shorter than ever. We knew we have to incorporate interactive elements to the design so people or the atmosphere can “PLAY”.

Both me and my wife loves ocean life and I remembered during our honeymoon while snorkeling we saw several clown fish (same fish as the Finding Nemo Cartoon) playing in a sea anemone. What if the design can “float” like a sea anemone and the visitors can explore or manipulate the design like Nemo and his pals. We think focusing on bringing children into a booth is vital to the importance of a company’s projection on “environmentalism” to the next generation.

Most people think of land and sea as totally different environment but both are engulfed in fluid dynamics which causes constant movement. In the ocean it is currents and waves while on land it is the motion of wind. Both elements are vital to all life forms survival because of oxygen and we decided to make AIR-nemone.

AIR-Nemone is a word combination of AIR and ANEMONE invented by COC design! We want to bring the sea anemone to Xintiandi without getting you guys all wet or in a scuba suit. We took the tassel string as the de facto material to work with; due to its ultra light weight physicality any slight breeze will move it immensely. Also as a 2000 year old Chinese design invention brings a nice sense of patriotism while also reminding us of being inside a Chinese willow tree!!

So come into this pulsating structure, actually come right through the strings or play hide and seek within it. Brush your hands gently through them or make them like a wig over your head, it’s all about interaction and fun. Life is constantly moving, life needs oxygen to sustain and thrive. Welcome the world’s first “movement sustaining exhibition booth”, The AIRNEMONE.

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