Our planet is facing a crisis of degradation and pollution and a major contribution is human’s insatiable dependence on materialism. Fast fashion, Fast furniture, Fast food are some of the culprits and our planet’s finite resources simply cannot support this. As a new generation of Biophilic design we are now slowly becoming aware of all our actions has consequences to the planet we live in. We wanted to introduce one of the most sustainable booth design for Shanghai Design Week 2018 and we inspire on using upcycle materials as art. Most exhibition booth, after a few days of show are dismantled and discarded and these materials inadvertently becoming part of the pollution issues. Using 35 recycle dry Birch trees and suspending them on a steel ceiling structure we wanted to recreate a sense of a dead forest transgressing into an art installation. Trees and plants are one of the most valuable resources on our planet and we want the user to experience that even when such objects have passed away in their life cycle, they can still be recreated into a sustainable and beautiful architectural structure with good imagination. Inspired by nature's photosynthesis process, extensive photocatalytic technology is used in ridding virus, bacteria and pollution permanently and activated by natural light. Our design also uses environmental sound proofing panels call Tectum which are cemented reclaimed wood fibers and are extremely durable as well as biodegradable. We combine artificial turf to recreate a completely white spaced that focuses on the exhibition products as the main protagonist within the design. Our idea is that within the standard brightly lit, logo covered booths in any normal exhibition enclosure we are the little art inspired garden for visitors to experience a little tranquility and serenity as well as creating an oasis that is improving the visitors well being. We name our new creation as RELIFE as we are bringing a new beginning to nature after its life is gone and our ideology is to value all elements of life as more than just momentary satisfaction.   

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