Being a bit of a OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) designer I always hated the wire in any lamp design. No matter how gorgeous the lamp design is, even when the wire is wrapped in special finishing, that element of the wire always ruins the design for me. For the longest time I always wanted the eliminate this issue and even with the latest technology in rechargeable/wireless charging power source one can only retain power for a few days. So, I thought, why not fight poison with poison.

So, I begin a design journey on integrating the wire into the body of the lamp and during a brisk hike in the woods I cam across a snake. Snake is one of the most flexible and adaptable animal on our planet because its body is a singular muscle that can contracts, expand and slither through any terrain or objects. This made me utilize the possibility of designing a lamp that works in conjunction with one of nature’s most ingenious and simplistic design.

Since our design motto is to use recyclable and readily available low-cost material my investigation led me to think about the insulation pipping in the construction industry. They are highly flexible, not easy to damage and widely available. Due to their soft nature they are also child safe and easily replaceable.

This begin the design for Kobra, making a reinterpretation of the iconic ARCO LAMP by Achille Castiglioniin 1962 I wanted to update this design into our modern times. By integrating the connecting wire into the end part of modular body the wire has finally become part of the design aesthetic. No matter where you plug the lamp, its geometry changes thorough different situations. The LED illumination head is also angle adjustable as the inner tubular casing is constituted in sections for easier transportation. The lamp itself will also have different sets of accessories call Kondom that slots through, just like its name sake, over the top part of the lamp to prolong its longevity when the user gets bored with the design. Kobra is the first lamp ever to unify structural, mechanical parts and illumination section into one singular body. Inseparable yet perfect in any situations. No more do you have to worry about damaging or hitting your lamp. It will become be as adaptable and flexible as a snake in any interior environment.

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