Our design, started life as a manifesto to create the most flexible and adaptable lamp on the market that can also help your wellbeing while being relatively low cost. Taking inspiration from the spine, one the most important part of the human body that creates flexibility, support and nerve information for us to survive. During the day when SPINE is placed near a natural light and wind source it will work to clean the surrounding environment while during the night when the light is switched on, the cleansing action will continue. We do not want to “pre-formed” any OLED into a specific geometry but make the user becomes the creator. We believe all of us has a hidden artistic talent!!!

It is the world first environment cleansing furniture that makes you and your family live healthier and happier but also a design that can work on mass to clean our planet. We believe furniture has to be more then just a nice piece of functional design and we hope that SPINE will lead the way for a new generation of environmental living that any health conscious individuals or

environmental planetarian will love to have.


We have been working on this concept for over 3 years with the sole purpose of creating "the most flexible, adaptable and environmental lamp on the market" and we had been stuck with the design process because of existing archaic lighting technology. Since we discover the advent of LG Flexible OLED system we realize our concept can finally move into realization. We also waited for a long time for the process of Photocatalysis to mature and since last year with breakthrough in Tungsten Trioxide application we can finally merge 2 amazing technologies into our revolutionary product that we always intended from the very beginning. 

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