Fabric’s ability to mold, move, drape and free form is what makes it unique of all architectural materials. It represents a metaphor of life that alters under unforeseen circumstances. It is one of the most flexible forms of physical expression yet most architecture only utilized it in a static or tensioned state for cladding or shading. What if fabric unifies itself as a totalitarian system while also morphing into furniture? What if it becomes the complete entirety of the building while retaining its inherent tactile transformability? This is where the Swingers’ House comes in.

Composing entirely of stripes of Sunbrella fabric draped in uni-direction along a lightweight tubular structure, these stripes can move according to any external forces (such as wind or physical interaction). Within the draping structure there are swings that visitor can sit and relive a nostalgic childhood essence. By employing “Swings” in the “Pavilion” it acts as advertising for the strength and adaptability of Sunbrella Fabrics as more than just merely a singular architectural component. The Swingers’ House is also designed as modular architectural forms that are customizable in various compositions; retaining the recurring theme of adaptability inherent to the fabric ideology.

When there is no wind or external movement the Swingers’ House looks static and solid but under physical influences the entire geometry changes, moves and flaps. Since each of the strips is in different lengths the individual movement is highly unpredictable due to varying weight/gravitational dynamics.

The name of the Swingers’ House might imply a sense of dirtiness or sexuality but this is deliberate in conveying an antithesis of hidden innocence in the design. Just like its form which transforms between moments of solidity and chaos it is this uniqueness that can only be achieve with the humble fabric. There are no doors, partitions or barriers and visitors can transgress anywhere through its soft composition (apart from the structure!). It is a design that promotes interaction of any kind and it is free flowing with Earth’s characteristic in mind. I cannot even imagine what the Swingers’ House will be like on the moon but this is the beauty of fabric. I hope I can “swing” you to my ideology and let the design caress you like a well tailored dressing gown!

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